About Me


Sabrina Morrice, Founder & CEO

You found the longer bio, bravo! Want to know the ins and outs of how I got here? It’s been a wild ride.

I grew up without ever hearing the word entrepreneur or small business owner. I didn’t even know those were viable career options when I “grew up.” My family expected me to go to college and I’d figure out what do for a living while I was there. It took me an excruciatingly long time to finish college working semi-full time through all of it and when I finally got that “big girl” job that I thought I wanted and worked so damn hard for SO long…it sucked. It was awful.

Yeah, I could pay my rent finally, but there was a price. My boss was hell on earth to work for, I spent all day every day in Excel spreadsheets and I just thought: this can’t be it. This is not it for me. This is not what I am meant to do. I am not making a damn bit of difference in the world. But I told myself I would tough it out for a full year and if I STILL hated my life, I would quit.

That one year anniversary came up and I did just that: I quit. (Much to my families chagrin and utter despair). That good job with health insurance and a 401k that took me 6 months to land–POOF. I threw out the photo ID lanyard and never looked back.

I quit and launched Anchorlight Creative in 2012 and have been on the path of small business ownership ever since and I will never go back to my old way of making a living (or update my resume-thank you God) ever again.

Sure, I sailed out of that office in a blaze of glory but the first few years weren’t all that awesome. I was back to being broke, back to hustling harder than ever to win clients, prove myself and working my ass off while undercharging left and right. I was overwhelmed, working until midnight and learning 24/7. I had found what made me light up inside.

After 7 years doing this, I am still learning constantly and while I don’t know it all– I know a hell of a lot more than I did when I started. More importantly, I’ve found my mission: to share what I’ve learned, what works and what doesn’t and to try and help other ladies get shit done, and propel their businesses forward into what they dream they could be.

I have two kids and a wonderful husband who I am grateful to call my family. They are the best things that have ever been mine. My children provide background vocals on conference calls and pretend to have meetings in their playroom "like Mama" a lot complete with loud typing and “coffee”. My husband is in IT and he’s a goddamn computer genius. Need help with tech? He is your man. Shoot me an email, I’ll send him your way!

I love reading, driving with the windows down, Paris, hanging clothes on the line, being outside, traveling anywhere and everywhere, playing music too loud in the car, iced coffee, summer and dark chocolate with hazelnuts. I’ve love to help you and your business grow! Contact me below and let’s be friends.

(Also the overachiever award goes to you if you read all of this. XO.)

Photo by Bean + Cole Photo.