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Anchorlight Creative works alongside growing women-owned creative businesses building websites, implementing sustainable systems, creating organizational structure & executing digital strategy.



I am here for you!

I love listening to your biggest businesses challenges and brainstorming ways my team and I can help you feel less overwhelmed, less in the weeds and get back to doing what you do best: working on the FUN parts of your business. Working on why you started in the first place.

From Detroit to the shores of Lake Michigan and all over the USA, my clients are true creatives that excel in creating, not in technology, building websites, setting up a workflow or knowing which app to use to accomplish what they need done. That’s my job. That’s what I am here.

My team and I are experts at working behind the scenes orchestrating and implementing all the things you hate (that we happen to love) all while reducing your stress levels. Let us take the stuff you can’t handle off your to-do list!

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Founder, Anchorlight Creative



  • 1-1 CEO consulting

  • Workflows & Organizational Systems

  • Rebranding + Project management

  • Website Design + Administration

  • Marketing strategy

  • Email Marketing

  • Online Courses

  • E-books


Hi there!

I’m Sabrina. I’m a digital strategist, marketing coach & process expert.

Since founding Anchorlight Creative in 2012, I have been helping creative, entrepreneurial women build beautiful websites and grow their businesses.

I am obsessed with helping you put your best digital foot forward and I work with women exclusively because frankly–we get each other. We all have different businesses and paths, but share the same challenges, hang-ups and advantages. We speak the same language and I love that.

No matter what stage of your business journey you are in, know that we all share many of the same pain points. You don’t have to do it all alone and be the master of everything. I would be delighted to help you anchor your ship and light the way forward.

I am so glad you’re here. Thanks so much for checking out my corner of the internet. If there’s anything I can do to help, drop me a note. I can’t wait to hear your story.





My biggest challenge was managing everything and keeping it timely. It felt like I was spinning way too many plates.

I feel like what Sabrina has brought me is accountability–she holds me to my deadlines and makes sure everything looks polished. We now have a streamlined approach digitally, which is so important.

I’ve seen our sales go up, our mailing list numbers increase and overall a sense of more “legitimacy” for our brand digitally.

If you can make it happen, make it happen. Sabrina does great work. Stop spinning all the plates and hand off something that stresses you out! 😊
— Kalin, Sweetwater Floral
My biggest challenge I had was finding someone to bring to fruition my artistic vision for my new website into a technically feasible realty. The challenge to find someone who “got it” and didn’t talk over my head in techno terms made me anxious and skeptical. I’ve had iffy experiences in the past with people who laud it over me that I’m not speaking the same language.

Sabrina is like that super smart girl in Calculus you sat across from who helps you through the maze of math hell while making it somewhat understandable.

I am beyond happy with my new website. It looks like me. It sounds like me. She didn’t try to fit her vision into my ideas but suggested ways to make it user/reader friendly. And the suggestions Sabrina had only made the site better.

Hire her! Sabrina is smart and kind and easy to work with. You can trust her to listen, to implement, to pay attention to the details, and to look for ways to make your site unique—in a good way.

I have run into snags (yes, simple things to Sabrina—like where did that blog post go to? I thought I saved the draft—kind of worries) and she has been patient and holds my hand through my angst. That means everything to me!!
— Robin, Writer
I had no idea how to create a website or create professional looking documents/labels/brand material I could present to future clients/customers. I felt useless & completely stuck and it prevented many other aspects of my business from moving forward.

After hiring Sabrina & her team, the gates of heaven opened and the angels sang! I had material and a website which made me a legit business! I also was able to start moving past the mental roadblock I had before enlisting their services.

I do have more confidence from a business standpoint in the justification of our awesome website. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

If you can allocate the funds, it’s a no brainer! Having help to carryout tasks you may be able to do eventually, or cannot do within your means, is a large barrier to forward business progress. Having accountability and someone leading the charge makes an enormous difference.

Bottom Line: More brain power and creative minds pooling their thoughts makes an immeasurable difference!
— Julie, The Purple Beet

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