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Sabrina + Marty

Sabrina runs the strategy, consulting and client side of things while her brilliant husband Marty runs the IT and back end side of things. Their two little ones occasionally provide background vocals on conference calls and pretend to have meetings in their playroom "like Mama" a lot.

She's been a small business owner since 2012 and has helped other founders, non-profits and 1-person start-ups plan and execute the way forward into a brighter, smarter future for their unique small businesses. Sabrina holds a degree from Eastern Michigan University and has taken her business from modest side-hustle beginnings to a full-time job in under a year without hiring a therapist or taking on a cupcake habit–but she does harbor an undying affection for coffee and dark chocolate with hazelnuts. 

Marty has over 12 years of Information Technology experience and currently serves as an IT Manager and Systems Administrator for a large non-profit in Metro Detroit. He works on website builds and consults with our clients on improving their computers functionality, upgrading their hardware, safeguarding their information and backing up their data safely and securely from the big bad wolves of the Internet. Or from coffee spilled on MacBooks. Either works, and either scenario–you need this guy in your corner. 

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