Pricing + Services


Our services aren't cookie-cutter solutions. They are tailor made to you + your business & built to fit perfectly. 


Email Marketing

Prices vary — Yes, you need to be doing it. Yes, it can be a big beast of a thing at first. But we believe it’s the key to sustainable growth and authentic connection with your base.

Let us help you dive into the world of email marketing and create a perfect plan for your small business. You may even surprise yourself and love it as much as we do!

Data Management & Security

$150/hour — Hero Marty to the rescue. Technology does not need to end in tears and wine. Give him your computer grief and he'll make it better. Seriously.

He really can do anything, but he mainly loves to focus on data security, computer maintenance and upgrades, new computer and hardware recommendations and cloud and external hard drive backups. Love your old Mac and can't afford a new one? If he can jazz it up, it just may just work like new. Let him know your struggle and he'll propose a pain-free solution. 

Website Builds & Branding

Starting at $1,950, payment plans available — The ever-important digital front door of your business is a big deal. We have a team that blends beautiful, functional design with intentional strategy. We have a plan and a process that we walk you through from kickoff to launch.  

1-1 Coaching

Starts at $200 — Baffled by "where to go from here" with your business? Overwhelmed with all of the things and not sure where to begin or what to prioritize to grow?

You became my own boss to manage it all, but you're embarrassed to admit: you can't handle the crush of day to day decisions–let alone long term ones–and you're uncertain about which direction to move you don't do anything. Sound familiar? Not to mention, it's kinda lonely out there in entrepreneur-land. Why didn't anyone tell you that part?

1. You're amazing, that's why you took this leap and NO, it's not for everyone. 

2. There is not a chance you should feel bad or less-than for asking for and needing help. It makes you smarter than the rest to know and embrace your limits. No one can do it all! 

I get you. I have been you, and I am here to tell you there is another way! You don't need to hire a full time employee you can't afford or keep bootstrapping it at the kitchen table until midnight. Let me come alongside you and help you dive into your business. We'll sort through it all, make a plan and by the end, you'll see a proud, in-control, organized, savvy businesswoman. Yes, you! 

Website Audits

Starting at $500 — More of a DIYer? Ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy on your rebrand, or spruce up your copy but not sure where to start? We'll comb through your site and offer page by page recommendations and analysis to get you to where you want to be. 

Process & Workflows

Projects start at $500, payment plans available — We'll look at all of your revenue streams and focus on how to streamline them while make your business more efficient and less chaotic. Want to implement more passive income streams? They're amazing and worth the upfront work. Let's talk about it! 

A business that can't function smoothly now, won't be able to scale properly and handle the crush of clients when they show up at your doorstep–and they will! 

Not sure if there's an app for that thing you hate doing? There probably is and we've probably used it. We'd love to help! 

Yearly Planning & Goal Setting

$350 for two 1-hour sessions — You have a plan, but how will you know if you've accomplished it? We establish benchmarks, goals, analytic numbers we'd love to see and a cohesive plan for your future that you can start working on today. Those big, crazy dreams? We want to hear all of them. 

Custom Projects & estimates

Get your custom quote today!— Have something else in mind entirely? Want to chat about SEO or blog editorial calendars? Or even the big scary beast, email marketing? Let's schedule a time to chat. It's risk-free and only a half hour. You've had bad dates last longer, right?