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When funds are at a premium, I have found so much help in free downloads and helpers that other ladies have made for exactly where I’m at at that point in time with my business. Even if you’re “successful” it doesn’t mean you don’t need a hand to hold while you rebrand, or a heavy-hitting list when you attempt to refresh your website solo.

I love laser-focused tools that work to help you get from stuck to moving again–and dare I say, excited? For a sampling of my most requested helpers, read on.

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Rebranding Roadmap

Call a rebrand or a pivot or a reboot, either way, you’ll need this checklist to make sure all the i’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed without going zany.



DIY Website Building

It's no secret that building your own website is a lot of work. A lot. Grab this worksheet, complete with phases, before you begin. I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING is more doable with a list.



Mailchimp Marketing 101

Totally stymied by email marketing? You’re not alone! After website launches, this is the #1 next asked question: what do I do with this mailing list? How do I build it? How do I even get started setting up this Mailchimp stuff? This short video will cover the basics of importing a few contacts and sending your first email.


Personal Assessment

If I know one thing I know this: we ALL have a next big step for our businesses. Sometimes it’s glaring and sometimes it’s a bit harder to discern. What could you do to take your business to the next level? What’s NEXT? Take this short quiz when it launches in July and find out.

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